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Difficulties with Remote Learning In Chicago

"New figures from CPS show this year’s drop in enrollment is the greatest it’s been in two decades. "


Evan Garcia

This troubling story is coming from WTTW news that shows just how hard it is to engage children in remote learning vs. in person learning.

Difficulties with Remote Learning In Chicago
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Anyone that has children could probably guess the conclusion of this article: remote learning is not working as well as anyone had hoped. The article and video interview within shows some incredibly depressing figures when it comes to learning remotely.

The youngest learners are the hardest hit. CPS CEO Janice Jackson said remote learning is “not working” for pre-K students and those in cluster programs. This is a terrible reality that too many Chicago parents are facing.

However, there is hope. TheLoopSLL offers training, coaching, and other remote learning resources for parents and schools. Parents can contact us directly for help with remote learning or schools can contact us for help setting up remote learning programs and coaching sessions. Contact us today and let us help. We all need to work together.

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