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Free Articulation Worksheets

Articulation worksheets that are free to download


Mommy Speech Therapy

Want to practice your child's articulation at home but can't think of words with your child's sound? Here are some free worksheets you can download to help you!

Free Articulation Worksheets
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Practicing your child's speech sounds at home can help them make quicker progress​. It's important to make sure you know which sound, level, and sound position your child is practicing before practicing at home.

Sound: /s/

Sound (/s/)
Word (sad)
Phrase (a big seal)
Sentence (Sammy sat on the green chair)
Story/Multiple Sentences (This is Sam. Sam put on his sunglasses and went to the beach. At the beach, Sam saw his friend Sally...)
Conversation (listening and practicing /s/ in a natural conversation with your child to make sure s/he is generalizing their sounds)

Sound Position: initial /s/ (sad), medial /s/ (messy), or final /s/ (bus) position

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