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Thinking with Your Eyes

#2 of 10 core concepts from the Social Thinking Methodology


Social Thinking

In the second free 90 minute webinar, Michelle Garcia Winner provides examples of how to teach thinking with your eyes across age groups, and lessons and activities to expand your teaching of this concept. She also explores how digital devices may stifle the development of social competencies and how to motivate students to use their social attention when in the presence of others.

Thinking with Your Eyes

Our eyes help us to figure out what’s going on around us, what we are watching on a screen, etc. People with solid to good vision use their eyes to see anything and everything; but, how do we make sense of what we see? Thinking with your eyes is the doorway to perspective taking! We also learn to be aware that
people are interpreting what our eyes may be looking at and thinking about.

This means our eyes have two big roles in the social communication process:
1. Guide each of us to interpret others’ non-verbal cues as well as interpret the situation.
2. Help other people interpret our eyes to get a sense of what we may be thinking about.

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