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What is educational consulting?
Educational consultants provide guidance to parents and schools on educational topics. The Loop has consulted with school administration about support services, classroom accommodations and modifications, and educational planning for current students. We have also helped administration develop school-wide systems by implementing process improvement plans to revise current screening systems. We have collaborated with school staff to design a middle-school executive function program to increase student organization and student accountability. We have streamlined data-collection and paperwork for schools and submitted IEP and 504 plan cases to Chicago Public Schools on behalf of the school.

The Loop can help parents by communicating with school staff about their child’s learning profile and the accommodations and modifications needed in the classroom. We can also attend education meetings, develop and implement behavioral plans, provide referrals to other vetted professionals, and develop and submit the necessary paperwork for an IEP or 504 plan to Chicago Public Schools on behalf of parents.

Chicago Public Schools Vendor
The Loop is a Chicago Public Schools vendor. This allows us to submit paperwork on the family or school’s behalf to apply for and renew a student’s IEP or 504 plan. This also allows the Loop to provide direct learning supports approved by your child’s IEP service plan at their private school and be reimbursed directly by CPS.

Educational Consultancy and Advocacy

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