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What are learning disabilities?
Between five and fifteen percent of people have a learning disability. Also referred to as learning disorders or specific learning disabilities, learning disabilities are lifelong challenges in the areas of reading, writing, and math. These difficulties can impact children at school and in everyday life. Some people struggle in only one area. However, it is common for a child to struggle in more than one area. Research shows that learning disabilities are caused by biological differences in brain structures and functions. There is also a hereditary component, as learning disabilities tend to run in families. These differences are not related to intelligence. Children typically do not outgrow their learning disabilities. However, learning remediation provides children with strategies, supports, and teaching approaches that can help them thrive.

What happens in learning remediation?
The goal of learning remediation is to identify areas of academic weakness and develop those skills. Learning Specialists work with your child and your child’s school to develop strategies, implement accommodations, and modifications, and monitor your child’s progress. In learning remediation sessions, children work one-on-one to develop the academic skills your child struggles with.

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