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Language Therapy Services from The Loop 

When Chicago private schools need top-quality language therapy services, they know it’s time to get in The Loop

Language is one of the most important skills we possess. It’s how we communicate and interact with one another, ourselves, and the world around us. 

Just imagine what life would be like without language….

What challenges would you face? 

What obstacles would block your path to the full life you want and deserve?

Children with language issues face challenges like these every single day. Their troubles with language can cause frustration for them and their loved ones, and can negatively impact their school experience and educational prospects. 

At The Loop, we believe every child has the right to a full and robust educational experience

That’s why language therapy is one of our signature services, designed to support every child in reaching their fullest potential—in school and in life. 

Because we were founded and are helmed by a speech-language pathologist, language therapy holds a special place in our hearts and mission as therapy providers. 

We know language is so much more than the words we say—it’s the key to our expression, understanding, and learning. 

Without language, it’s like we’re stuck outside in the cold, watching the world through a window. 

Language is the tool we use to connect on a deeper level and actively participate in life. It’s essential for our development into full fledged members of society. 

But what is language therapy? And how does it help students in need to learn and succeed?

What is language therapy?

As we mentioned—language is SO much more than just what we hear and say. 

Language skills are the foundation of our ability to learn, grow, and develop. 

Language is the lynchpin of our self expression, as well as how we connect with others, get our needs met, and gain and retain information. 

Check out our article, exploring the vast importance language skills play in our overall development for even more insight into this topic. 

Speech and language pathologists (SLPs) are skilled therapists who are experts in assessing and treating children with language issues and concerns. These communication professionals are trained to work with children on a wide variety of language skills. 

Interested in learning more about what SLPs are trained to address in kiddos? Check out our article, diving into the amazing scope of practice of this therapy discipline

The structure of language therapy services is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual child receiving treatment, but language therapy often targets key skills like—

  • Expressive language—the words we say 

  • Receptive language—how we derive meaning from what we hear 

  • Vocabulary—the words we know, which form our ability to communicate clearly 

  • Pragmatic language—how we use language socially to connect with others and the world around us

  • Encoding and decoding—our reading and writing skills

  • Emergent literacy—the skills that combine to make us literate. These include—

    • Phonological awareness

    • Phonemic awareness

    • Rhyming

    • Alphabet knowledge 

Language therapy is also a powerful tool in the treatment of specific conditions, known to impact language skill development. This includes issues like—

A speech and language pathologist is your to-go professional for assessing and treating these and any issues that impact your child’s language skill development. 

At The Loop, we specialize in top-quality language therapy services from a team of expert speech-language pathologists who are as caring and compassionate as they are knowledgeable and experienced. 

Learn More or Get Started With Our Team

What is a language disorder?

Some kids acquire language skills without issues. But, for others, these skills cannot be mastered without the support and guidance of skilled professionals. 

And that’s where we come in! 

At The Loop, we believe all children have the right to receive the support services they need to access the inclusive educational experience they deserve. 

When it comes to language disorders, we’re ready and able to target all things communication and language—from first words to reading fluency and beyond. 

Language disorders are conditions that impact a child’s ability to acquire and master the skills of spoken and written language. 

Language disorders can impact any area of a child’s language development, and sometimes more than one. 

At The Loop, we’re highly skilled at evaluating and creating customized treatment plans to address students’ issues with—

  • Expressive language—which includes such vital skills as:

    • Combining words to form coherent thoughts

    • Organizing ideas and information

    • Using appropriate grammar 

    • Describing events with appropriate detail, 

    • Requesting information or asking for help

    • Sharing feelings

    • Putting thoughts into writing   

  • Receptive language—which covers skills like: 

    • Understanding what words mean

    • Learning and retaining new vocabulary

    • Following directions

    • Answering WH questions

    • Sorting items into categories

    • Understanding relational concepts (like first/last, big/small)

    • Understanding cause and effect 

  • Pragmatic language—which includes communication competencies like:

    • Taking turns in conversation

    • Introducing new conversational topics

    • Interpreting facial expressions

    • Understanding personal space

    • Understanding others’ perspectives 

    • Knowing social conventions in language 

If your child struggles with acquiring language and communication skills—don’t panic! Because these skills can be trained and taught by skilled therapists—with a high level of success. 

Our Loop SLPs are experts at addressing all aspects of communication and language skills in children. 

We’re also trained to support, assess, and treat students who struggle with acquiring the skills necessary to support fully functioning literacy. 

Learn more about how SLPs work with students to develop key emergent literacy skills, and why these skills are so important. 

How do language therapy services from The Loop work?

If your child is in need of extra support and assistance to develop their language skills—we’re here for you! 

Language therapy with The Loop offers Chicago students access to the top-quality, evidence-based therapy services they deserve to thrive. 

Our assessment and treatment plans are always customized for each unique individual we serve—never one-size-fits-all. 

Your Loop speech and language pathologist will take care to get to know your child—to craft an engaging, motivating, enjoyable therapy plan designed to support their language needs. 

Because fun is an essential part of therapy for school-aged kids! 

Your child’s language therapy with The Loop may involve games and toys, reading, looking at pictures, and telling stories. Therapy may be one-on-one, in a group, and even in the classroom.

There are so many ways our skilled therapists can fold quality language therapy work into activities your child enjoys and finds motivating. 

That’s why it’s important for us to get to know your child on a deeper level and to partner with you to offer them the personalized language therapy services they deserve. 

Interested in learning how you can help target your child’s speech and language therapy goals at home, and why parental involvement is so awesome? Check out these articles—

When your school partners with us, your child will have access to our wealth of experience and expertise in delivering top-quality language therapy services to Chicago children in need. 

How do schools get in The Loop? Click here for more info. We’d love to find a way to partner with you!

Get the Loop In Your School

Need help deciding if our language therapy services can benefit your child or school? Let’s talk! 

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