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Occupational Therapy Services from The Loop

Our expert occupational therapists ensure Chicago area children grow, develop, and thrive

We believe every child deserves to participate as fully as possible in life. This includes having access to the most inclusive, robust educational experience. 

Because education is a right, not a privilege. 

Every child has unique strengths and challenges. Sometimes, areas of struggle create barriers that limit a child’s ability to fully engage in school and the world around them. 

For these children, occupational therapy services can enhance their ability to fully participate in activities of daily life. 

Occupational therapists support children in practicing and mastering the skills they need to succeed—in school and in life. 

The Loop partners exclusively with Chicago private schools to provide top-quality therapy and learning support services to Chicago area children and families in need. 

Our team of expert occupational therapists help children with a wide array of needs. From executive functioning, to fine motor control, sensory processing, to emotional regulation, and more—our OTs are ready to support and guide your child to reach their fullest potential. 

But many people feel uncertain about what an occupational therapist can offer their family. Let’s clear that up. 

What is occupational therapy?

Kids don’t have jobs. So why do they need occupational therapy? 

It’s a good question. 

The answer lies in viewing the term occupation as a more general concept, encompassing all our activities of daily life. 

Think of your child’s occupation as the job of participating and interacting with the world around them. 

Many kids need extra help and support to master the skills involved in their activities of daily living. And that’s exactly what an occupational therapist provides. 

These highly-trained therapists are skilled at assessing and treating issues and conditions that impact a person’s ability to plan for and complete daily tasks. 

Connect with The Loop's Occupational Therapy Team

Interested in learning more about the many conditions and skills occupational therapists are trained to target and treat? Check out this article, all about the amazing practice scope of OTs! 

How will The Loop’s occupational therapists help my child succeed?

Our occupational therapists create customized treatment plans for each child we serve, based on our thorough, personalized assessment process. 

Our evaluations and treatments are all individualized, and are never one-size-fits-all. 

Because your child is unique, and they deserve therapy and educational support services designed just for them. 

Your Loop OT works directly with your child to support them in developing any skills they’re targeting in therapy—and they also advocate for your child with their school and teachers. 

Your Loop OTs coordinate with your child’s teacher and relevant educational professionals to provide carryover for your child’s treatment goals and strategies—so your child receives the personalized help and guidance they need, throughout the school day. 

They’ll ensure any and all necessary adaptations and modifications are made to your child’s educational environments to promote their inclusion and success. 

They’ll also work with you, training you in strategies to provide carryover and support at home. We love when parents are involved in therapy!

Learn more about the importance of parental involvement in occupational therapy, and how you can support your child’s occupational therapy goals at home. 

Skills and conditions that our occupational therapists are highly-trained to target and treat include—

Learn more about the development of key occupational skill milestones in children, so you can see if your kiddo could use some extra support from an OT. 

Occupational therapy services in action with school-aged kids can look like—

  • Helping your child effectively navigate and fully access their classroom environment

  • Supporting your child in using and managing their school supplies

  • Assisting your child in strategies to complete written assignments, or working with their teacher to make individualized accommodations for success 

  • Facilitating their ability to play and engage with peers during recess

  • Supporting your child’s ability to recognize and self-regulate their emotions

  • Assisting your child with practicing and mastering the skills to make and keep friends

Occupational therapists are trained to help students to fully participate in all of these vital school activities, and more! 

We help by modifying or adapting particular aspects of an activity, and by improving students’ abilities to perform these necessary skills with our customized therapy programming. 

How do occupational therapy services from The Loop work?

The Loop partners exclusively with Chicago area private schools to offer students in need access to the best quality therapy and learning support services available.  

Are you a Chicago private school interested in collaborating to bring your students the outstanding therapy and educational support services they deserve? Click here for more information about partnering with The Loop. 

When our amazing occupational therapists are alerted to a student in need of OT services, we mobilize to provide holistic, customized therapy services for them—every step of the way. 

From our initial meeting, to our customized assessment, to our individualized therapy plans—every student we serve is unique and special, and we treat them as such. 

Learn more about our evaluation and treatment process, and get to know our awesome Loop team. 

Are you an educator? Learn the essential role you play in connecting your students with the occupational therapy services they need to thrive. 

Ready to get in the loop and offer your students the customized tools and supports they need to succeed? We’d love to help! Reach out to us anytime to start the conversation. 

Contact The Loop

Need personalized advice and support to decide if our occupational therapy services are right for you?

Complete our contact form online and we’ll reach out as soon as possible. You can also locate and download necessary client forms here

You can reach us via email at, or by phone at 773.720.0646.

Occupational Therapy

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