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Free Articulation Resources for Home Practice

Practicing your child's speech sounds at home can help them make quicker progress​. It's important to make sure you know which sound, level, and sound position your child is practicing before working at home. If you are unsure, reach out to your child's speech-language pathologist and ask them!

Example: Sound: /s/ Level: Sound (/s/)

Word (sad)

Phrase (a big seal) Sentence (Sammy sat on the green chair) Story/Multiple Sentences (This is Sam. Sam put on his sunglasses and went to the beach. At the beach, Sam saw his friend Sally...) Conversation (listening and practicing /s/ in a natural conversation with your child to make sure s/he is generalizing their sounds) Sound Position: initial /s/ (sad), medial /s/ (messy), or final /s/ (bus) position

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Here are some free articulation downloads and practice ideas that you can use at home:

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