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Learning in the Time of COVID-19

The last week has been one of the most challenging for me as a small business owner and a clinician. With school closures lasting multiple weeks, I am left trying to figure out how we can best support our students and their families. How can I make sure that my students who have worked so hard to make progress with their speech, language, fluency, writing, reading, and math skills don't regress? How can I support families who now have to take on the additional role of educator? What can I offer that will be beneficial to our parents yet not overwhelming?

This is going to be a learning process for all of us but I am fortunate to be part of great school communities that have been working tirelessly to create online learning for students. I am fortunate to partner with dedicated families that are taking on this new responsibility with the same energy and awe as an educator starting in her first classroom. I am fortunate to have clinicians that are willing to go above and beyond to help our families and figure out new technology in order to make sure our students have continued support.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions but also to share your child's home projects and progress. One of the hardest parts for me the next few weeks is not being able to see the excitement, wonder, and exploration of my students as they continue to learn without me. I will be posting home practice ideas and activities on my website and Twitter (@TheLoopSLL) while schools are closed.

We can do this together.

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