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Using Mazes for Home Practice

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

My students love mazes and they have been my recent go-to game in online sessions. I've been adapting our mazes to work on my students' goals whether it's learning their letter names and sounds, practicing letter formation, reading sight words, or practicing speech sounds. You could also use math problems, vocabulary words, or foreign language skills- whatever your child is learning at school. This simple no-tech activity is a fun and easy way to practice with your child at home.

First, find an age appropriate maze and make a list of letters/words your child is working on. Next, have your child complete the maze with a pencil. Then, have your child read, write, say or trace their target letters/words/sounds. Once they're done, they can decorate the maze with pictures of words they read, pictures that start with the letter they are learning, etc.,

Here are some example of mazes

Letter Names, Letter Sounds, and Alphabetical Order: Write the letters your child is practicing and have them say the name and/or sound. You can also say a letter name or sound and have your child write it. Your child can also practice writing the letters in alphabetical order.

Letter Formation: Write the letter(s) your child is practicing in highlighter and have your child trace them using the correct letter formation. Not sure what the proper letter formation is? Check out our blog post with a video guide to cursive letters here. Print letters here.

Sight Words: Have your child read sight words you've written or write sight words you say

Speech Sounds: Have your child practice their speech at the sound, word, or phrase level. Need help coming up with words/phrases? Check out our new speech-help page with word lists for your child's target sounds and videos that show proper sound placement and cues we use in our sessions.

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