Writing Prompts for Students

One of my favorite go-to writing prompt books is, "642 Big Things to Write About: Young Writer's Edition" by 826 Valencia. Here are some of my favorite prompts from the book that you can use with your child:

Week 1:

Monday: Write a love letter to your favorite food.

Tuesday: Describe a machine for capturing dreams. How does it work?

Wednesday: You find a key outside of a creepy old building. What does the key open? Where does it lead?

Thursday: Write a story that keeps getting bigger and bigger (both the subject and the size of your handwriting).

Friday: You've just created a monster! Write a comedic poem describing it. What does it look like, smell like, and sound like?

Week 2:

Monday: Define the word ackamarackus.

Tuesday: Write a story about a world in which it's Halloween every day. Are the characters happy about it or mad about it?

Wednesday: Imagine a new card game or board game. What are the pieces? What are the rules? Who do you play it with? (Bonus: make your new card/board game and play it!)

Thursday: Write an essay about the pros and cons of having a Bengal tiger as a pet.

Friday: What do you want dinosaurs to know about the future?

Week 3:

Monday: Write an ode to your favorite color.

Tuesday: When is the last time you laughed so much that your stomach hurt?

Wednesday: A monkey is chasing a turtle. Why?

Thursday: Write a letter from your big toe to your little toe. Also, write the little toe's response. How are their lives different? What would they want each other to know?

Friday: Write about a bus that decides to take all its passengers on a surprise vacation.

Don't Forget:

Plot Out Your Story Before You Begin Writing: Use this Student Interactive Plot Diagram from Read, Write, Think to help you.

Edit Your Work! Use this Editing Checklist for Self- and Peer Editing from Read, Write, Think to help you.

Find these and other great resources on our Resources page.

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