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Behavioral Therapy Services from The Loop 

Our expert, individualized behavioral therapy services deliver massive benefits Chicago area schools and students 

Growing up is a big undertaking. Many children need extra guidance and support to successfully navigate their developmental journey. 

As we’ve gained more awareness, understanding and—most importantly—acceptance of neurodivergence and differences, it’s enhanced our ability as a society to offer inclusive, welcoming learning environments to all students, and to find better strategies to uplift and support students’ individual needs. 

Because every child deserves a chance to succeed—in school and in life. 

That’s why The Loop is proud to offer behavioral therapy services on our menu of exclusive therapy and learning support services, through our Chicago area private school partners. 

Our team of skilled therapists and educational professionals are deeply invested in offering children the customized therapy and learning support services they need to thrive and reach their fullest potential. 

Our behavioral therapy services ensure Chicago children have access to the personalized behavioral interventions needed to promote a positive, comprehensive learning experience. 

How Do I Get The Loop in My School?

What is behavioral therapy?

Some children need extra support in their speech, language, coordination, or thinking skills. Others need guidance to help build awareness and regulation of their behaviors, and to understand which behaviors are appropriate for certain times, environments, and situations. 

Behavioral therapy supports kids who struggle to manage their behaviors, or who wrestle with big feelings that they don’t know how to handle by themselves. 

Because we all struggle sometimes—and growing up involves lots of changes, transitions, and transformations.  

Behavioral therapy is a powerful, proven tool to help children make lasting, positive behavioral changes. 

Also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, it supports children to understand the thoughts and feelings that fuel their behaviors, and to replace those not serving their best interests with more proactive, empowering versions. 

The goal of behavioral therapy is to look beyond the surface, to gain insight and heal the underlying emotions and beliefs that drive outward responses. 

Because addressing and building awareness of patterns of thoughts and feelings is the key to changing behaviors in the long-term. 

Behavioral therapy empowers children by guiding and supporting their self-awareness. Instead of being at the mercy of their big feelings—we help children realize they are in control and hold the power to choose how they act and react. 

Imagine how this shift could impact your child? 

Instead of helpless—they’re empowered. 

Instead of reactive—they’re reflective. 

Instead of out of control—they hold the reins. 

Instead of overwhelmed—they’re aware. 

Behavioral therapy can give your child the tools they need to succeed.

How can behavioral therapy help my child?

If your child struggles to recognize, manage, and cope with their feelings and behaviors—behavioral therapy can support them to learn and master effective strategies that drive lasting, proactive behavioral changes. 

For the roughly 20% of people with learning and thinking differences—the  educational system presents challenges and obstacles that go far beyond struggles with schoolwork. 

Behavioral therapy services from The Loop are an ideal solution. 

Our skilled specialists provide customized behavioral modification and emotional support for children who cope with a range of learning and thinking differences, including

Our behavioral therapy specialist is available to guide and support students with these and other issues impacting their self-image and behavior. 

Because we believe every student has the right to a robust educational experience, and to receive the customized support they need to achieve their fullest potential. 

How do behavioral therapy services at The Loop work?

When you work with our behavioral specialist, your child receives individualized support and guidance to address their unique personality and needs. 

Meet Sarah Stevenson—The Loop’s Behavioral Specialist

Sarah has extensive experience in providing top-quality behavioral health services. She’s trained in crisis communication and de-escalation, applied behavior analysis, and is also a certified yoga instructor.

She’s adept at pairing tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy with mindfulness strategies and positive reinforcement to motivate and empower the students she serves. 

Learn about how we conduct our evaluations and treatments

Our behavioral therapy services are always customized to each student we’re honored to serve, and will reflect their unique needs, strengths, and personality. 

If you’re interested in partnering with The Loop to access the best in therapy and learning support services in the Chicago area and beyond—reach out today! 

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Behavioral Therapy

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