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What is Learning Remediation? And How Can Your Child Benefit From This Service?

It’s been said—no person is an island. We all need a little extra help and support now and then. It’s an important part of being human—we’re well known to be social creatures who thrive in a community setting.

So, if your child needs a little extra support and assistance to thrive in their school years—we’re here for you! Many kids benefit from learning support services, to enhance their ability to learn and succeed in school.

You and your child never need to feel alone in navigating their school experience. If issues arise, there are many different ways for you to get the additional support your child needs.

After all, we want them to enjoy learning and attending school! And, we believe there’s no reason this can’t be a reality.

That’s why The Loop is proud to offer learning remediation as part of our awesome learning support services offerings.

In addition to our quality therapy services for the children we serve, we decided to provide this service as we saw a need that we could use our training and expertise to effectively meet.

Learning remediation may be a service or term you’re not overly familiar with. If so—that’s ok!

We created this article to help give parents the knowledge you need to decide if learning remediation is the right choice for your child. In it, we’ll explain what learning remediation is, as well as who it’s designed to help.

What is learning remediation?

We all learn differently. And, we master skills at different rates and at different times. This is totally normal. There are a wide range of learning styles—and we believe differences in learning are to be celebrated and supported, rather than punished.

Sometimes, a child’s learning style just doesn't mesh well with the way the school system is set up for students to learn. This doesn’t mean the child in question will not succeed and thrive, but they sometimes need a little extra assistance and support to better align their learning style with that of the system.

Many children have learning differences that, if left unaddressed, can lead to negative impacts on their school performance and overall experience.

Learning remediation and other learning support services are designed to target these issues before they create lasting impact on a student’s school performance, ensuring better outcomes for everyone involved.

Every student has areas of academic strengths and weaknesses. At The Loop, our learning remediation services are designed to identify any areas in which a student is struggling academically and could benefit from some extra support.

Our highly qualified Learning Specialists work directly with your child in targeted, individualized one-on-one sessions, focused on addressing any areas of academic need, determined by a thorough assessment process.

We’ll also work with your child in the classroom setting, to ensure our treatments are truly making a difference in their educational experience, and making any adjustments or modifications to our plan as needed.

Additionally, we’ll collaborate with your child’s teacher and other relevant educational professionals, to develop and implement any strategies and accommodations your child will benefit from in the classroom setting.

Because learning is an intricate process, our approach to learning remediation is multifaceted and our treatment plans are always tailored to each unique child we serve, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Because The Loop was founded and is helmed by a Doctor of Speech and Language Pathology (SLP.D), who has assembled a team of highly qualified therapistsour learning remediation services are underpinned and informed by our extensive experience and knowledge of holistic child development and therapeutic best practices.

We consider it an honor to partner with several Chicago-area private schools, to offer our extensive services to the children in our community and their families who can benefit from working with us.

Who can benefit from learning remediation services?

Many children benefit from learning remediation services, particularly those who have a learning disability.

Also commonly referred to as specific learning disabilities or learning disorders, this issue impacts between five and 15% of people. It can present challenges to a child’s ability to learn and master necessary skills in the areas of writing, reading, and math.

There are a wide variety of learning disabilities, and they impact children in different ways. Some children only experience difficulty in one area, while others struggle in multiple places.

Learning disabilities are cognitive processing challenges, caused by a mix of genetic and neurobiologic factors.

They can interfere with a child’s ability to acquire and master skills related to writing, reading, and math, and can also impact a child’s skills involving organization, reasoning, time management, attention, and even memory storage and retrieval.

Learning disabilities are not caused by another impairment and children who experience them are typically of average to above average intelligence.

Because these learning differences are not readily apparent, children with learning disabilities are not typically diagnosed until they enter school, as this is the time when these issues begin to be evident in a child’s development.

There are several kinds of learning disabilities. The primary types include—

  • Dysgraphia—a specific learning diability that impacts a child’s ability to produce legible handwriting and to recall and recreate letters and numbers. Children with this issue have a high correlation of issues with their overall executive function skills

  • Dyscalculia—a learning disability that impacts a child’s ability to understand, use, and process numbers and make calculations. It also impacts the ability to recall and utilize math facts and rule systems.

Closely linked to learning disabilities are issues with executive functioning skills.

These crucial, core brain functions help us to plan and complete a wide variety of important tasks. You can read up on what these skills are, how they work, and why they matter in this recent article.

Learning remediation is designed to help children with learning differences and disabilities by understanding and targeting their specific learning needs.

We work closely with the student, their family and teachers, to create and implement a focused, holistic plan, designed to support their individual learning needs, throughout the school day.

Let’s learn more about how learning remediation works, so you know if it’s the right choice to help your child with any learning challenges they may be facing.

How does learning remediation work?

When you work with The Loop for your child’s learning remediation support, we always create our treatment around each individual we work with—rather than offering them a plan that’s one-size-fits-all.

Our learning remediation specialists will create their plan based on your child’s unique needs for academic assistance and support.

We’ll also work closely with your child’s teacher and other relevant educational professionals to ensure your child’s learning goals are being addressed at every level of their school experience. We’ll identify and collaborate to implement any appropriate modifications and accommodations that can benefit your child’s learning.

You’re also an important part of our learning support team, and we rely on you for information about your child and how they’re progressing outside the classroom.

Learning remediation works best when it's carried over in all of your child’s environments—so home activities and strategy use are crucial to help your child master the skills we’re targeting in our sessions.

We’ll continually assess and monitor your child’s progress and response to therapy—ensuring the plan we’ve created is truly meeting their needs. If not—we adjust.

Another important aspect of our work with school-aged children is keeping our sessions fun, motivating, and engaging for the students we see. We never forget we’re working with kids, and we always seek to foster their enjoyment and love of learning.

As part of our assessment process, we’ll not only identify areas of need—we’ll also investigate your child’s likes, dislikes, preferences, and areas of interest. Then, we’ll work these into our sessions whenever possible.

After all, we know learning support services can be both fun and beneficial for the children we treat. When your child works with The Loop’s awesome learning remediation specialists, we’ll discover ways to help your child love learning—so they can continue to develop and thrive!

If you have questions or think our learning remediation services may be right for your child—please reach out! We’re always happy to help you get the info you need to find the best supports available for your family.

P.S.—In addition to our amazing learning remediation services, The Loop also proudly offers top quality speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, executive function coaching, and educational consultancy and advocacy. We’re commited to supporting Chicago-area families with our wide array of therapy and learning support services!

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