We provide the most advanced pediatric therapy and learning support services exclusively for private schools in Chicago.




Our Model


We partner with private schools in the City of Chicago to provide highly customized, exemplary services for those children that have been assessed as having speech or language difficulties.


We offer highly specialized therapy that you cannot get at public schools.  Our training and specialization in speech, language, and occupational therapy and learning remediation are the kind you cannot find at a public institution.


Private schools offering this service are more sought after than schools that force parents to make other arrangements to get this therapy.  

No two children have the exact same learning needs.  This is why we create custom therapy plans for each and every child.  This way we can maximize our level of care for each student.


Our highly customized, individually focused treatment plans are not the kind you get in a public school or even a private clinic.  Not only do we conduct the most thorough, cutting edge evaluations of your children to ensure we get the best diagnosis, but we are in your children's school working with their teachers and classroom materials. This allows us to put together one of a kind treatment programs that guarantee results.

Student Engagement

Teacher/Faculty Collaboration

Once we begin our therapy with the students, we work hand in hand with the teachers to make sure they understand the issues the student is encountering.  We also make sure the teacher has the kinds of tools and resources that other public and private institutions cannot provide.

Through out the process, we are working with parents to let them know how their child is doing with therapy and in the classroom.  We make parents 'part of the team' in the therapy of their child.

Parents are an integral part of the therapy regimen.  We enable parents to continue lessons and exercises when the student is not in a session or in the classroom, speeding up the results of therapy.

Parent Counseling


Insurance Options


Don't have BlueCross?  Contact us for other options.

We are in network with BlueCross BlueShield of IL


The Impact We Have 

There is a reason schools are so happy they made the choice to partner with us...

Unique Value

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This is your chance to offer a service that will help differentiate your school.  Your school can provide therapy that's BETTER than public school resources.

Happier Parents

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Parents not only have the convenience of getting our services right at the school, but they see immediate and long term improvements in their children

Better Students

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Better communicators make better students. When children communicate better, they improve in all areas of school. 

Partnership with FundEd Chicago

The Loop SLL is proud to partner with FundEd Chicago. FundEd Chicago is an educational nonprofit that equalizes access to specialized learning support for students in Chicago with limited economic means. Learn more about FundEd Chicago at www.fundedchicago.org